Becky the Aussie–courage and timidity

4/1/11  Mr. Possum was eating bird seed on the railing on the deck. Becky, our 15 year-old (retired) herding dog, a Red Merle Aussie, wanted to go out before bedtime, spotted the possum, and nearly had him. I grabbed her collar and she sat down before she reached him. The possum must have dropped from the deck railing about 15 ft. to the ground, and was crashing through the leaves in the magnolia by the time Becky’s belly hit the deck! One night last week I went out on the deck and was met by the back end of a possum with a bloody spot on the end of his tail–as though a dog had grabbed him by that tail and pulled him down, taking off the skin at the same time! It could have been Becky. She had one down on the deck earlier this winter, in spite of the fact that her coordination isn’t at all what it was before her stroke. Somehow, the incentive of a possum on the deck gives her strength she doesn’t otherwise know she has!!

4/8/11  We had a brief thunder storm recently, and Becky decided she’d climb under my chair, where she won’t fit… so I covered her up with a little lap afghan, her head and all, only her nose was sticking out! She snuggled down in her little “den” and went to sleep, and didn’t leave her cover until the storm was long over. Of course, she heard the thunder and was trying to hide before I heard it. I only heard rain.


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