Christmas, volunteering and gifts

Christmas, 2010   I plied the 2 large bobbins of green yarn from spinning at the fair, and have about 10 oz. of yarn to use for something creative for Christmas. Now I’ll begin on the pillow-case full of red fluff–wool, mohair and dog hair, for Christmas. Dirk has never had a Christmas stocking of his own made by me. This is the year for that!

I made the beard and white trim from Great Pyrenees fur from our old guardian dog, Siobhan, who died 2 years ago. Pyrs come in different colors of white. Emily, the Pyr we now have in the pasture, has a gray undercoat, so I still have that sort of “angora halo” around the knitting, but it doesn’t look bright white like Siobhan’s. I’ll attach a picture of the completed stocking.

For the past year-and-a-half, I’ve volunteered to teach a crocheting class at the Helen Wright Womens’ Shelter in Raleigh. I like to bring in some warm woolies for them at Christmas. This year I donated 10 handspun, hand knitted hats for the women in my classes, most from wool. We crocheted wreaths to decorate their Christmas tree, and the process they developed, an “assembly line” with new learners doing the basic ring, then passing that piece on to the more experienced students who did the double crochet around the basic ring, was amazing. Cooperative gestures of that nature are what the social workers there hope for, more than any amount of crocheting they may learn. I bought beads and sequin stars which they sewed on, so they’d sparkle, and the women were delighted to have something they made to decorate the tree in the day room.

I knitted mittens for our small-animal vet as a Christmas gift, using fur from the animals of ours that she’s treated. She was happy with the gift, and every time I’ve been in since she says she never has cold hands when she’s driving now! Nothing warmer than pet fur to insulate skin away from the cold weather, snow and ice we’ve been having in abundance this winter.


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