Cicadas and roses


There’s so much life on the back deck! Think if each one of these rose stems became a bush, it could become a thicket to surround an old enchanted castle! The fragrance is exhilerating, and the pink snow of petals surrounds the bush like a carpet. New buds are everywhere, a few with the tooth marks of squirrels on them. The spent stems I’ve cut and piled up to go down to the barn for a treat for the sheep. Mom would be pleased to see her rose thriving in this new place.

The cicadas are so noisy it sounds like an electric siren. I know they’re singing their joy over their freedom to inhabit the sunny upper realms for the first time in their 13 years of life, mating and laying eggs to start their cycle of life again. But the noise as I open the door is jarring! What a din–70 decibels by the meter!


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