Jan. 2, 2010 Sheep & dogs love chilly weather

We returned from a visit with my daughter, who also is a spinner, just yesterday, from snowy CT, and to our surprise, the temperature in NC today is colder than that in CT!  The sheep are wearing about 4″ of wool by now, plus the coats that cover their fleeces to keep the wool free of VM (hay, etc.) so they’re fine outside. Both of our dogs are heavily coated in their winter woolies, as well. Emily, our Great Pyrenees, who lives with the sheep, has plenty of insulation, and only sleeps in the barn when it’s raining, or very cold and windy. Becky, our Australian Shepherd, has plenty of fur to spare, based on what she sheds inside the house! I brush her frequently to keep the house tidy, as well as to provide me with fiber to card and spin with wool to make for some very warm mittens. My CT daughter pulled hers out of her coat pockets yesterday as we went out in the snow–her favorites–the ones I made for her several years ago, with dog hair spun in with wool.

I’ll have 2 spinning workshops in January so far, and will be looking ahead through spring, to schedule more as people are interested in learning this old art, and keeping it alive. I’m open to someone coming for the weekend of shearing and taking a workshop, as well as assisting us with some of the details, such as skirting fleeces. If this is something you’d enjoy combined with a workshop, let me know. Usually that date will be the end of March or early April. The sheep lose about 8-10 lb. of wool that day, and are delighted to feel the breeze on their backs, and feel the sun again.


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