April 2, 2010    We sheared our sheep last Saturday, and all of them look brighter and more energetic now they’re ten pounds lighter. Who wants to wear three wool sweaters at this time of year! My husband had broken his leg in January, and he isn’t able to walk without support yet. I was worried about how the “heavy lifting” we need to do for shearing, setting up the equipment, moving the sheep, would work out–whether we’d have enough help. A group from church came and repaired some gates and the electric fence, also put small gates on the end of an old 8 ft. section of wooden fence to make a chute, which worked like a charm, moving one sheep at a time out to the shearing stand. And then on the morning of shearing we offered breakfast at 7 a.m. to any who were willing to volunteer to help us–and TEN women showed up bright and early–women from my local spinning guild, a knitting group I attend, and some future spinners, as well. It did my heart good! We help others out when we can, but it’s very rare for us to be on the receiving end, and we’re very thankful. Also, my husband’s mending well, and hopefully will soon be walking on his own again.

One of the fleeces sold on shearing day, and 2 more are reserved, so pretty soon all will be gone except those I keep myself. I teach spinning, and use my own wool to teach my students how to spin, also I make gifts and sweaters for my family and friends. I’m looking forward to my next spinning workshop here. I like to teach all weekend, so there’s a good learning curve, and none of the tendency to forget and have to re-learn when lessons are once a week over time. My spinners learn to spin mohair, alpaca, bunny angora, silk, pet fur, if they have some to bring along, and cotton, as well as wool, on a variety of different spinning wheels. I enjoy the interactions of all the different personalities who come to stay the weekend and learn this wonderful old art of spinning.


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