Sheep air conditioning

Aug. 12, 2010

I’ve been trying to get this picture for years–ice in the water bucket makes a little pool of coolness, and Deborah enjoys having her face in that cool for a while when I first bring the ice down and put it in a fresh water bucket.

Just thought I’d show you my A/C for the sheep!  It was over 100 today–and muggy–great day for earthworms to dive deep, and mosquitoes to feast–on us!

The sheet is over the fence covering blackberry vines the sheep had eaten each leaf from. I used it to move the empty vines to the woods. The sheet came down the hill containing a bundle of good greens from the sides of the driveway and the road where they can’t graze, and tidied up the yard at the same time–just part of being a good shepherd….


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