Spring chores, and lush grazing for sheep

3/27/11  Yesterday I raked under the fence of the upper right pasture. That hadn’t been done for several years based on the depth of what I pulled out from under the wire, and the honeycomb of tunnels of small things that live under the fence–mice, probably, but could be snakes. Or both! I had shut the sheep in the same quarter, but they mostly stood near the gate wishing they were in the barn. The grass is nearly 6″ high, and now’s the time to enjoy it… I kept calling them. Nothing happened until I walked through the open gate at the top end of the internal fence. Deborah picked up her head, looked at me on the other side, registered that there was an open gate up there, and took off in my direction to get into that barn in another way. The others followed her, and all came up and around the fence, through the gate, eating tall goodies all the way, nipping off clover and tall waving grass as they went 🙂 They didn’t stay in the upper left long, but kept moving toward the barn, grabbing bites of the long luscious grass & clover along the way.


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Filed under gardening, sheep, wildlife

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