September garden; spinning workshop

September 1, 2011

The weather is cooling down a bit, and a great relief it is! I picked four cucumbers today, several tomatoes, more figs. We are getting just a little tired of figs, I admit, but I have a neighbor who wants some. Folks from church have come to pick, and two other friends, and I still have about four gallons in the freezer from last year, plus the overripe ones are going to jam about once a week. We haven’t bought any fruit for the past six weeks: figs are us!

I just sent off another story for a competition, a short essay.

The clover is springing up again after some rain this week, and pretty soon we’ll bring the sheep up to the front lawn again.

We had a spinning workshop last weekend, and now there are two more spinners out in the world! Through a new spinner from Fayetteville, we learned of a spinning shop there, and we plan to get together for a spinning reunion there before long.


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