American Indian bead work












June 3, 2013

We’re off on a 2-week trip to places north, and cooler, and out of this heavy, damp air loaded with my nemesis: mold and pollens. First day we visited a museum in WV’s Charleston, and I took pictures of some beautiful Fenton glass, which one of my daughters used to love to collect. There’s an immense Czech crystal chandelier in the center of the Capitol dome, which is worth a walk to visit.

In a museum at Niagra Falls we saw Iroquois Indian beading on slippers, a purse, and other things. Now I’m learning to do some Lithuanian bead work, I was amazed with the extremely fine beads and the sophisticated use of color and deisign. Somehow, it’s not “overdone,” looks beautiful without being “over the top.” What an art. I wonder whether there are Native Americans teaching that craft these days? If so, please speak up and tell me where to sign up!


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